About Coaches Training Room
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to raise the level of grassroots coaching worldwide by offering coaches access to carefully considered and proven session plans. We understand that effective learning requires exposure to real game situations. and this is why it is important to practice the technique in a controlled and conditioned environment so that your players are fully prepared on game day. Our sessions are designed by Coaches, for Coaches.

Our sessions are designed by Coaches, for Coaches.

Vision Statement:

To expose coaches to more coaching styles and methodologies by offering proven sessions designed to replicate in game situations. By offering ideas, methods and techniques from professional coaches around the world we aim to provide coaches with the tools they need to raise the level of youth players anywhere. We remain focused on accessibility and affordability.

We are firm believers that in soccer coaching there is no secret formula, and that all coaches should be individuals with their own coaching style and vision. We aim to compliment your own style through exposure to scalable and achievable session plans that replicate in-game scenarios to help your players understand not only ‘how’ to do it, but ‘why’ you do it when it comes to game day.

Coaches Training Room Is The Premier Online Soccer Coaching Curriculum.
Done for you soccer sessions with downloads, webinars, articles, books and more!

• A Wealth of Animated Soccer Training Sessions To Save Coaches Tons of Time
• Passing, Attacking, Dribbling, Defending, Futsal & Much More
• New Sessions Added Monthly
• Private Coaches Group
• Unlimited Online Access
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How Coaches Training Room Began...
It all started on the BigSoccer.com forum back in the year 2014...

Eric was introducing himself in the BigSoccer community forum thread and noticed Mark's thread introduction just above his... 

It sparked Eric's attention as Mark mentioned in his introduction that he was a passionate soccer coach and shared a link to his youtube channel which had animated soccer video activities. 

After watching these drills on youtube Eric knew he had to reach out to Mark and have a conversation... 

Eric knew these video animations could be packaged into an app for soccer coaches just like he did with his player video trainings for his app he completed called Vogel Soccer Mastery.

From here Eric and Mark had a conversation via Skype and eventually the Soccer Coaching Drills App was being put into motion and later completed...

A little later more and more coaches were requesting sessions to be available on their desktops and laptops with PDF downloads of each session in addition to video sessions...

And Voila! This is how the Coaches Training Room website came to be born!
Coach Marks Story:

From 2010 to 2014 I was coaching across two different continents. spending the bulk of my time in the USA, travelling round working on several different short and medium term projects with clubs and organizations. I was fortunate enough to coach alongside many different coaches from different backgrounds and, as a student of the game, I found myself scribbling session ideas down constantly. These session ideas filled binder after binder and was something that would take up a good section of my suitcase when I travelled. I would constantly reference these session plans when designing my sessions to take to the field. The problem was, these hand written sessions were often drawn out quickly from an idea in my head, or from a session I saw a coach run, sometimes found months later crumpled at the bottom of my kit bag, meaning I spent quite a lot of time trying to decipher my own drawings so it would make sense on the field.

A lesser-known fact about me is I pride myself on trying to be as efficient as possible, if I was to drive somewhere every day, I'm going to search for ways to my destination with less traffic, or try a shorter route. I apply this attitude to all aspects of my life and I was constantly searching for a 'better way' of being organized, especially with all the travelling and moving that came with the Coaching work. This lead me to try and organize my session on my laptop, if I could store them all in a way that made sense on my laptop that would be way better than carrying all these binders around with me surely. I could pack more clothes in my suitcase or even travel lighter! So I set about ways of saving the session plans as PDF's initially, but if the session was elaborate or had several components, I wasn't completely confident translating it from concept to the field and being sure it would work, which was when I began trying to animate the sessions, if I could see them in action then I would be more sure about them being a success, I could even show the players the patterns beforehand on a tablet computer if I needed too!

After months of perfecting my animation skills I was finally happy with what I was creating, so happy, in fact, that I began to list them on a website, if I didn't have my laptop or tablet I could get the sessions on my phone anywhere I had internet access now! I've quickly gone from carrying binders, to carrying all that knowledge in the palm of my hand. I shared the website with a few coaches and friends who all found the concept useful, at the time it was just a handful of sessions and if that could be useful, what would it be like if it was scaled up?

Almost 10 years later, animated session plans are more prevalent than they were, here at Coaches Training Room we still create all our sessions in house, we still design, animate and publish proven, up to date content so Coaches can add more sessions to their own arsenal of ideas whenever, wherever. 

-Coach Mark
About The Founders

Mark Higginbotham
English FA, NSCAA, NFHS Licensed Coach

Coach Mark is a Professional Soccer Coach born and raised in the UK, his coaching career has lead him to coach across two continents. He is qualified through the English Football Association, The National Federation of High Schools, the NSCAA and The AYSO. His coaching methodologies are diverse and adaptable having had the opportunity to work with many different coaches from different backgrounds from all over the world. He spent many years working as a Coach Mentor and Qualified Coach Instructor for the AYSO and various club teams in Northern California.

His drive is to raise the level of youth soccer by offering support, advice and developmental techniques to sports coaches to help them in unlocking their teams' potential.

Eric Vogel
USSF National Coaching License

Eric Vogel is from Michigan and has been playing soccer since 1985 and coaching since 2009. He has received his USSF National Coaching License and received designation for First Team All State among numerous other awards. Eric is passionate about helping people reach their full potential in both soccer and life. His dedication to soccer excellence led him to create Coaches Training Room with Mark, Vogel Soccer Mastery, and four soccer apps in the iTunes App Store. Visit www.completesoccersource.com for a complete list.

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